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Enya’s life was like a bull in a China Shop. While she juggles with all the stress with her family and work, there comes cupid’s call and makes her fall in love with who she thinks is the perfect man God could have ever created. When Shailesh Nedungadi breaks her heart, she resolves never to fall in love again. But one heart break was not enough for her to stop herself from falling in love yet again. The stories she shares with her boss, Roshan Mandanna, over a tea break opens her heart to love again. And even though she resists it, she finds herself falling head over heels in love with Roshan.


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R. Nithya hails from a family of story tellers. She has had a passion for stories from a very young age and loves to live in a world of her own making. She is also passionate about cooking, eating and pets. She is the co-founder of a site for foodies called When she is not cooking, or eating or writing, she also works as a Freelance Marketing Consultant. She is married to an officer in the Indian Navy and currently resides in Vishakhapatnam, AP.


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A Women

Happy Women’s Day 🙂

The below small poem is dedicated to all the lovely ladies in the world. 🙂

A Women

She goes unheard most times,
Still sacrifices her dreams & wishes,
Caring & loving you with her soul,
There she stands all alone,
Not restricted to kitchen as cook,
She can sweep you away off your feet,
As a strong competitor in any field,
Indeed she is a called as a Women….

(c) Preethi Byrappa

Zindagi ho gayi Barbad – On 19/ 01/2011

Gadi gadi roop mein hai Badhlav,
Uparse hai kuch aur,
Andarse hai kuch aur,
Od liya hai sab jute Naqaab,
Mushkil hai pehchanna Yaar,
Parivar, Dost ho ya Pyaar,
Bar bar lete hai Imtihaan,
Samajhna  nahi chahte meri Baat,
Mili naa khushi kar ke Intezar,
Sabarka ho rahi hai Satyanash,
Galatfahmi honse hogai mein Badnaam,
Tut rahi hai Vishwas,
Har rishte mein aa gai Dharar,
Khai  thokar  mein har baar,
Dil mein aa rahi hai kuch khayal,
Kya sabhi rishte jutse ho gayi Shuruvadh,
Is dukh mein Zindagi ho gayi Barbad……

© by Preethi Byrappa

Friendship Vs Love on 01 Dec 2009

I can never say Goodbye to You,
As you mean a lot to me Dude,
My friendship is True,
But i failed to fall in love with You…

Your Irrational behaviour has Shocked me,
Your Silence Torture’s me,
Your ignorance has Hurt me,
To Contend with you is Hard for me…..

Your pain has torn me Apart,
But i cant let you know this Fact,
As you think I’m Heartless,
I’m a stone for you and nothing Else…..

I wouldn’t force and hold you Back,
For the pain your going through in your Heart,
As time passes my friend,  things will be Alright,
If we are meant to be together, you’ll be Back…..

© by Preethi Byrappa

Kadharu nanna blue rose On Nov 24, 2009

Yaaridhu kadhirodhu nanna Blue Rose,
Yaaridhu kadhirodhu nanna Blue Rose,
Gayavagidhe nanna putta hrudya ee Roz …..

Madikondiruvaru adhannu avara DP Pose,
Madikondiruvaru adhannu avara DP Pose,
Kruthika anna Hesarali irro Chor …..

Kshamisalarenu yendigu evarannu Dost,
Kshamisalarenu yendigu evarannu Dost,
Nannage Kruthika madidaru ega Sorry Post ……

© by Preethi Byrappa

Mein aur Shaayari

Shaayaron ki mehafil Hai,
Aashahon ki kiran Hai,
Dil mein ek halchal Hai,
Khule aasman mein udna Hai…..

Koi pyaar bhari baatein keha rahe Hai,
Koi sawalon ke jawab de rahe Hai,
Koi kasme wadhon ki umidh jaaga rahe Hai,
Koi rang-bhirangi sapne dikha rahe Hai….

Koi kisi ki intezaar mein likh raha Hai,
Koi aapne khas dosth ke liye likh raha Hai,
Koi bachpan ki yaadein tazaa karne ke liye likh raha Hai,
Koi tute dil ki dastan sunane ke liye likh raha Hai…..

Andaaz sabki alag alag Hai,
Lekin baatein sab dilonki Hai,
Khushi aur ghum mein saath chahatein Hai,
Dilse samajne wala sirf ek kaafi Hai…….

© by Preethi Byrappa

I Don’t Really Know

What’s wrong with me?
I don’t really know..
For a minute I’m cool,
And then so cold…..

What have I Lost?
I really don’t know..
Things that made me Happy,
It doesn’t anymore…..

What’s hindering me?
I don’t really know..
But there’s only sadness in life,
As I’m left Alone…..

What has bought the Change?
I really don’t know..
Relationship don’t last long,
And why is that so???

What?? Is everything just a lie??
I don’t really know..
Seems like they have turned their Back,
Wonder if it’s true……

What?? Am I just assuming things??
I really don’t know..
Hoping the darkness ends Soon,
As I seek for the truth……

© by Preethi Byrappa

My Worst Best Friend…..

Trusted you more than myself,

All my little secret’s I shared,

As though I was talking to myself,

I thought you were my Best Friend…..


You knew what made me smile,

You knew what made me cry,

You knew what made me happy,

You knew what hurts me all the while…..


Had no doubts about you,

Had no fears with you,

Had no regrets knowing you,

As I thought you were my Best Friend…..


You proved me Wrong,

You broke my Heart,

Didn’t dream you would play a Prank,

At times i wonder if you Back-stabbed…..


You pretend nothing happened and all is well,

You try to be normal and funny instead,

You know that things are not the same,

And you still ask me, “Did I Do A MISTAKE”……


© by Preethi Byrappa

I Miss Being a Child…..

Innocent are the kids,

Lovely is their smile,

Pure is the heart,

True is their LOVE…..


They accept you for what you are,

Or they give you a DAMN…

They fear not anything,

And happiness is what they have….


With ease they speak out,

They don’t play with feelings at all,

What’s Betrayal, they know not,

They hide nothing in their HEART…..


Freedom is all they want,

Mischievous is their acts,

Pain is not seen in their Eye,

So, I MISS Being a Child…..


© by Preethi Byrappa

Alvidha in 2009

Kehta hai woh, hoon mein Pagal,

Bina koi wahje, marta hoon tujh Par,

Kho gaya hoon mein, teri yaado mein har Pal,

Bina dekhe mein karu tumse pyaar Dilbar…..


Dhoondta hoon har kisi ke chehre mein Tumko,

Lekin dhiki naa tum mujhe bhi ek Palko,

Khwabon mein bhi na aayi kabhi milne tum Jaanam,

Phir bhi intezaar karta hoon tumhara har roz Sanam….


Deewano ki tarah pyar karta hoon Tum ko,

Lekin samajh naa paayi tum mere Pyaar ko,

Thod diya hai tumne mere Dil ko,

Apnaya toh sirf ek dost ki tarah Mujhko……


Naa bolkar khodiya hamesha ke liye Hum ko,

Tuta ye dil aur roya hoon mein har Roz,

Ruth kar ja raha hoon tumse Dur,

Alvida! naa anna kabhi tum meri Ore…..


© by Preethi Byrappa